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Rich and creamy as advertised!

Definitely worth a try! I’m not a big ube fan but this beer is tasty enough and you can also taste coconut undertones which I love. Smoot lager- not overly sweet, not overwhelmingly ube, just the right balance for a flavored beer. Also it’s such a pretty purple color! 👍🏽 from me!

Ube Lager
Glenn Nuestro
My Favorite Lager!

I was intrigued by the ube lager beer by Engkanto Brewery1, a craft beer company in the Philippines. Ube is a purple yam that is widely used in Filipino desserts, and I was curious to see how it would taste in a beer. The beer has a striking purple color that catches the eye, and a thin white head that fades quickly. The aroma is sweet and floral, with hints of coconut and vanilla. The taste is smooth and creamy, with a subtle ube flavor that is not overpowering. The beer has a light body and low bitterness, and the alcohol is moderate at 5.5% ABV. The beer is very refreshing and easy to drink, and it pairs well with sweet or savory dishes. I enjoyed the ube lager beer as a unique and delicious treat, and I recommend it to anyone who likes flavored beers or wants to try something new and different.

Good Quality Hoodie!

I have been looking for a cozy and stylish hoodie for a long time, and I finally found the perfect one!

Honey Ale
Best partner ng Dagat

If you are a fan of flavoured beers, this one is for you. 2 super cold bottle nito sa tabing dagat. Priceless!

Great for small parties

If you want to add some flavor in your small gatherings (3-6), this is the perfect bundle. It allows you to have a taste of different beers but have an extra bottle of the ones you liked.

A value-for-money package.

Smells really good

Smells really good. Easy to drink for an 8%. Currently my favourite!

Unless the West Coast IPA is available! 🤣

Homegrown Pair Bundle
Maria Victoria Africa
Good time ride to Infanta

A friend just was recovering from an arm surgery. We decided to go up and take the Sierra Madre to was an Engkanto! We reserved e few bottles for this special drive...🍻 see you at your brewery tour!

A variety of delights

Absolutely loving the Engkanto beer Discovery Case bundle! The variety is impressive, and each brew has its own unique charm. A great way to explore their range and and find new favorites.

Ube Lager
B.J. Bautista
Ube Lager Masarap

Legit! Masarap na beer!!! Kung kaya nyo pang murahan yung price na mga 90pesos per bottle, baka lagi na ako bibili ng Ube Lager. for 125pesos per bottle, medyo pang "occasional" lang yung beer.

Ube Lager
Pamela J.K.
Perfect for settling down on a Friday Night

First of all, I've been eager to try Engkanto beers and was lucky to try Honey Ale and Mango hazy at Skinny Mike's at BGC. While I love the flavors, the one I've been eyeing to try for sometime is this. And saw that it's already restocked.
I did not hesitate to buy a case of this. No regrets at all! Very easy to drink! For those who like their beers not too bitter and with that flavor profile, this one is for you. It's a bit sweet, not too sweet like the other flavored beers. Every sip is a bliss, ube and coconut flavor tickling my taste buds. Yum!

Hazy IPA
Sonny Ongkiko
Nice and sweet tasting beer

I like the crisp and sweet taste of the beer. Unique taste🌞

Discovery Case
Brien Matthew Benitez
Perfect way to find what you want

I've always stuck with beer that's been widely available. Getting to find out what I want with this discovery case was a great experience! It also helped that each beer came with a description and pairing guide.

West Coast IPA
Spencer S.
Not the best

This was not my flavor profile of choice sadly. I found it hard to drink compared to all the others available. I’m sure others will have different opinions and I hope many do enjoy. Everyone has a different flavor palette. Purple Ube has become my favorite!!

Superb love this craft beer!

I just love how this craft beer is perfect for beginners like me! Very smooth and love the sweet taste from the honey! Will definitely order again and try the other variants too. Cheers! 🍻

Amazing for new to Craft!

It's the perfect package for new people to craft! 4 bottles of each, perfect to share, with some freebies! Everyone got their favorite on a different beer and great experience!

Double IPA
Herbert Omaña
Deserving of its title

Your double IPA truly qualifies as a go-to strong beer. Yet the smoothness of its taste makes it all the more enticing.

My friends totally enjoyed this!

I've recently ordered this bundle for my friends since they're curious to try Engkanto craft beers. They've wasted no time in trying out the different styles and enjoying the aromas and flavors. It's an easy pick for those who want to discover craft beer excitement since we shouldn't waste money on some watered down stuff.

West Coast IPA
Herbert Omaña

You nailed it this time! What an exquisite taste and enduring feel your West Coast IPA have. Its boldness is tempered by a feel-good lasting taste right after every gulp. Nice collab, indeed. Well done!

Clean & piney

Hoppy and clean, a beginner's introduction to West Coast IPAs. Perfect for the PH craft beer revolution to overthrow "craft beer style" fakery. Hindi po style ang craft beer. Style mo bulok

Pale Ale
Thomas Kane

Very good beer.

West Coast IPA
Thomas Kane


West Coast IPA
Darius K
Great west coast ipa

Hop-forward delight with citrus punch, piney aroma, and a crisp bitter finish. West Coast IPA at its finest!

West Coast IPA
Kailash Ramchandani
West Coast IPA

Had a few last weekend... really enjoying it... great taste & feel!

Real West Coast Style

Exactly what the title says, real West Coast style. Most bitter beer as of now, really punch of hops and bitterness in your face, for real hop heads!
Engkanto didn't have a beer like this for really long time, happy they decided to throw one as a seasonal!

Pale Ale
Rafael Ripoll
West Coast IPA Review

I loved this version of the IPA. I rank it in my top 5 craft beers and the best in the Engkanto line of beers.