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A flavorful beer experience with a close friend leads to those memories that are hard to repeat. When you have the Beer Buddies Bundle ready, all you need is to enjoy the spontaneous moments that lasts for a long time.  

Let this bundle be the start of your exciting journey into the unique flavors of craft beers, as it includes two (2) bottles of all Engkanto core variants from the easiest to drink up to the most complex: Live It Up Lager, High Hive Honey Ale, Mango Nation Hazy IPA, and Green Lava Double IPA. 

This creatively reimagined set is perfect for everyone new to craft. 

What's in the box:
2 x 330ml Live It Up Lager
2 x 330ml High Hive Honey Ale
2 x 330ml Mango Nation Hazy IPA
2 x 330ml Green Lava Double IPA

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Customer Reviews

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Darius K
Engkanto Beer Bundle Unleashes a Symphony of Flavors

Engkanto Beer Bundle is a palate-pleasing assortment of craft brews that transcends expectations. From the crisp Lager to the robust Double IPA, each bottle encapsulates quality and flavor. The variety ensures a delightful tasting journey, making it a must-have for beer connoisseurs seeking a diverse and enjoyable experience.

Sonny Ongkiko
Enjoyable beers

I have always enjoyed drinking mga engkanto beers, whether alone or with my friendsūüĆě

Don G.
My friends totally enjoyed this!

I've recently ordered this bundle for my friends since they're curious to try Engkanto craft beers. They've wasted no time in trying out the different styles and enjoying the aromas and flavors. It's an easy pick for those who want to discover craft beer excitement since we shouldn't waste money on some watered down stuff.

Beer Buddies Bundle: A Tasty Adventure for Beer Enthusiasts!

The Beer Buddies Bundle is a convenient and exciting option for beer lovers who want to explore a wide range of exceptional flavors. Whether you're a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or looking to venture into the world of unique brews, the Beer Buddies Bundle offers a delightful assortment that will satisfy your cravings for variety and quality. I highly recommend this bundle as a great way to elevate your beer-drinking experience and indulge in a collection of exceptional brews. Cheers to discovering new flavors and enjoying the best of craft beer!