Food Pairing With Engkanto Craft Beer

Chef Luis De Terry gives his recommendations on which Engkanto craft beer goes well with different kinds of food.

LAGER: The lager is one of the most widely consumed beers in the world, which makes it a more universal choice for pairing with food. However, I equate lagers with fried finger food, bar chow that is spicy, simple breads and pasta (deli meats, smoked fishes & light hard cheeses like fresh manchegos and young parmesans/pecorinos), uncomplicated seafood & chicken dishes as well as purees or vegetable mashes.

BLONDE ALE: An excellent pairing for tomato-based pastas… marinaras, with meatballs, puttanesca. Our blonde pairs very well with vongole and even buckets of mussels, dishes with a slight tang. Dressed salads with chicken/salmon. Cheeses: light goats cheese or semi-aged pecorinos, asiago, jack cheese and fontal. Desserts with citrus like a lemon meringue pie, stone fruit pies (apricots & peaches) and citrus.

PALE ALE: Perfect for Burgers, meat pies, sandwiches and some battered fish & chips. When it comes to cheese, it is great with light semi-hards like cheddars, French Tomme de Savoie, mid-aged manchego, edams. Perfect for a Mac & Cheese too. On the dessert side this would work with fruity desserts and light custards or flans.

IPA: This would be my choice for Thai food and lighter Indian curries or it would also work with fattier/gamier burgers. On the cheese side… Gouda, Brie de Meaux, Pont L’eveque, light Blues like Cambozola or Gorgonzola. When pairing with desserts, think apple pies, speculaas or gingerbread cookies and bread puddings.

DOUBLE IPA: I love this beer with all things barbeque, pulled pork/beef, sauces that are smokey or have some umami, Japanese teppan steak, grilled marinated lamb (chops), Cajun chickens, Rendang. Blue cheeses or strong soft cheeses like Epoisses, Mont d’Or, Edel de Cleron. Match this beer with very sweet desserts like soaked cakes (tres Leches) & frosted Carrot cakes or creamy ones like Crème brulee and cheesecakes with caramel sauces

Meet the creative chef behind the success of Terry's, Cue Modern Barbque, Manam, 8 Cuts, Polilya and many more of your favorite restaurants.

Born into a family steeped in appreciation for food and wine, Luis entered the world of commerce upon graduating from McGill University with a Masters in Business Administration, when he led the operations team of Global Sources, the largest B2B portal for international commerce at the time. A few years later, he joined the family business, which was centered around food and wine. In Terry’s, alongside his sister Helen, Luis helped develop the brand and the network of stores that today has become synonymous with authentic Spanish food of the highest quality. An avid and passionate cook-traveler, Luis then ventured into the restaurant business on his own with LU, a name derived from his nickname and reflective of his love for flavor and spice. As an independent consultant with his own company, Epi-Cures, since 2009, he spearheaded the redevelopment for ‘La Regalade’ Philippines. In November 2011, he pioneered the R&D department for the Moment Group as Chief Flavor Officer, creating the concepts for ‘Cue Modern Barbeque, Namnam (Manam) and Burger Bar (8 Cuts). From there he became the lead creative strategist for the launch of Marketplace in Rockwell and the prepared foods section for the main Rustan’s outlets, which he led for three and a half years. Today, his consulting work is focused on developing menus for restaurants, spicing them up with discoveries from his food travels.

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