It starts with a sense of adventure

We deserve better

Is there a better beer around here?

Ian Paradies, founder of Engkanto Brewery, was spurred by how Filipinos are underserved when it comes to beer. His passion and energy took him towards taking a big risk: brewing better quality craft beers in the Philippines.

Courage and Creativity Collide

Brewing great beer requires more than just passion, so Ian teams up with his partner in crime, Brewmaster Josh Karten.

In 2017, they opened Engkanto’s microbrewery in Makati City, where the original lineup was brewed: Lager, Blonde Ale, Pale Ale, IPA, and Double IPA. 


More approachable and more exciting, Engkanto craft beers are brewed for the local community to adapt better quality beers.

More Beers for all

As locals begin to adopt better quality beers, the operations moved to a larger facility in 2018 at Carmona, Cavite. The core lineup, enjoying their new home, garners international awards after renowned Brewmaster Michael "MJ" Jordan took over the brewery in 2021.

Reimagining What's Possible

Brewmaster MJ shakes up the beer lineup with a more approachable, exciting, and collaborative approach to suit the local palate.

Team Engkanto boldly presents a unique beer experience for locals that include flavors of homegrown ingredients such as honey, mango, and ube. 

The journey goes beyond

As the most internationally awarded local brewery, Engkanto continues to serve locals with its celebrated core variants: Live It Up Lager, Paint Me Purple Ube Lager, High Hive Honey Ale, Mango Nation Hazy IPA, and Green Lava Double IPA, along with exciting seasonals.

Carrying the same passion and energy of our founder, we’re raising the standards of local beers and spreading out to new territories from Asia and Australia to the United States.