The Engkanto Brewery Story

Discover how a group of passionate and entrepreneurial Filipinos, embraced their courage and started questioning, why things had been, the way they were, for so many years, decades, & even a century. Realize that soon after, they began to envision what could actually be, if they were brave enough to challenge, what they knew needed to be changed, and what so many thought, was utterly unchallengeable. Know how their courage, not only brought deserving Filipinos more beer options, but defined what Engkanto is today; a fearless brewery, that questioned the status quo, and decided not to accept, how things had been, for so long. And while more Filipinos are enjoying Engkanto’s refreshing, hand-crafted flavors, all at the company seek that their beers be viewed as what is actually possible when Filipinos decide to finally confront those things they had felt needed to be changed. After all, only by doing so, is true growth possible. In the end, one Engkanto employee summed it up best; “When we started challenging things, we grew braver. Had we not taken that first step, we would have never changed the beer drinking landscape, or experienced the growth we are living today. But more importantly, without that first step, Engkanto would have never been born.”

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