Exceptionally balanced; our pale is refreshing with candy-like citrus & passionfruit flavor.


6% ABV

CITRUS: ●●●●○


Pale Ale 6 Pack
Pale Ale 6 Pack

Pale Ale 6 Pack


The stylistic origins of the Pale Ale can be found in 18th century Europe, with what is now more commonly referred to as a "bitter". Engkanto decided that it was time to flip that expected traditional style, and our efforts gave birth to the Engkanto Pale Ale. The only way to articulate this drinking experience is flavor. Our Pale Ale presents a very "sessionable" drinking experience, beginning with a strong citrus aroma, followed by a soft, yet complex malt bill, and ending with an exceptionally balanced hop flavor. The overall character of the beer is highlighted by candy-like citrus and passionfruit flavor that is remarkably refreshing.


Also available in 24 bottles