Dry, crisp, with hints of lime & tropical fruit. Our lager serves as staple for all of life's drinkable moments.


4.8% ABV

CITRUS: ●●●○○


Lager Case (24 bottles)
Lager Case (24 bottles)

Lager Case (24 bottles)


Lager is the most popular and consumed style of beer in the world. Our flagship lager offers a crisp, clean drinking experience. With the freshest Amarillo and El Dorado hops on to balance out the refreshing all-grain malt bill, this combination is truly a craft.

Designed to remind the Filipino drinker of the beer we grew up drinking, the Engkanto lager is as refreshing as it is flavorful, making it appropriate for any type of occasion in any climate. What makes this craft beer exciting is that it blends a traditional style with new world hops to blast the palate with citrus aroma and flavor, reminiscent of tropical fruit and lime zest.