Strong, dark, yet sensitive; our IPA is smoothly robust with a piney hop bite.


7% ABV

CITRUS: ●●●○○


IPA 6 Pack
IPA 6 Pack

IPA 6 Pack


The India Pale Ale gets its name from the beer that the English shipped to India in the 17th century when drinking water was risky at best. For the long journey across multiple oceans, the English would throw large amounts of hops into the barrels of beer to prevent spoilage, because hops are a natural anti-septic. Flash forward 400 years and that necessary process is now one of the most popular beer "styles" in the world. As a tribute to the original English and modern American IPA styles, our IPA is a combination of smooth body and robust flavor profile. Darker in color, this India Pale Ale malt bill offers a very interesting mouthfeel balance. A specific blend of Centennial, Cascade, Columbus, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops present an incredible aroma followed by intense piney and citrus flavor.