A spin on the golden traditional. Light, crisp & refreshing citrus aroma that will surprise you.


5% ABV

CITRUS: ●●●○○


Blonde Ale 6 Pack
Blonde Ale 6 Pack

Blonde Ale 6 Pack


In the beer world, the "ale" is the younger cousin of the older, more grown-up "lager". When conceptualizing this particular beer, the goal was to create a similar drinking experience to that of our flagship lager. While it looks and feels like the lager, the flavor is as unique as possible. Our spin on a traditional golden ale, the blonde ale is a very light, refreshingly crisp beer. Made with a very simple malt bill to accentuate a much more complex flavor profile. Our blonde ale is bursting with citrus notes, from the generous amounts of Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra hops used throughout the process.


Also available in 24 bottles