Q: What cities can Engkanto deliver to during this Community Quarantine period?
A: During the Community Quarantine, Engkanto will only service NCR cities that lifted the liquor ban. Orders coming from liquor ban cities will be delivered after the ban has been lifted.

Q: How fast can I receive my order during this Quarantine period?
A: Orders from the non-liquor ban cities within NCR will be delivered the next business day with deliveries taking place Tuesday to Saturday.

Q: Can you still deliver outside of Metro Manila during this Quarantine period?
A: All orders outside Metro Manila will be shipped when our courier partners resume deliveries. If you wish to order and acknowledge possible delays of delivery, you may do so. The team shall contact you to confirm your decision to put the orders on hold until the Quarantine and the liquor ban is lifted.

Q: Is there a minimum order and prepayment required during this Quarantine period?
A: Engkanto’s Php 500 minimum order value justifies the cost of service of our team’s and our third-party logistics services.

Q: I’ve placed my order; how do I track it/what is my ETA?
A: Once we receive your orders (orders from NCR non-liquor ban cities), we will schedule them for delivery next day (deliveries are Tuesday to Saturday). If you need help in tracking your order, you can email us at and someone shall assist you. ETA of orders within non-liquor ban areas in NCR is next business day (deliveries from Tuesday – Saturday), 3-5 business days for other cities in Metro Manila (expect possible delays due to Quarantine and liquor ban), and 5-7 business days (expect possible delays due to Quarantine and liquor ban) for provincial orders.

Q: How do I re schedule or cancel the order myself?
A: You can reach out to the team by sending an email to if you wish to re schedule delivery of your order or cancel your order. For order cancellations, please email us the reason of cancellation. We urge our customers to send us the notice within the day the order was placed.

Q: How and where do I add delivery instructions?
A: In the last step of the checkout page, there is a cart box/note where you can leave delivery instructions or any requests.

Q: Are there shipping fees?
A: As of the moment, we offer free shipping within NCR for orders over Php 1,000 for a limited time only, while a fixed shipping rate of Php 60 is applied for orders within NCR under Php 1,000, Php 120 for Luzon orders and Php 360 for Vizayas and Mindanao orders.

Q: Can you leave the package at my door or with my doorman if I’m not home?
A: We urge that you let us know immediately if you will be unavailable to receive the package. A person you authorize to receive the order in your behalf should be over 18 and should present a valid ID.

Q: Can I send an order as a gift?
A: You can send an order as a gift. Just specify this in the shipping and billing address and provide all necessary details of the recipient. You may also leave a note on the checkout page that the order is for gifting.